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Charles & Colvard VS Harro Gem

These are the two major manufactures of moissanites and each offers something special.

How they are Similar:

• Both work based off millimeter measurements which translate into carat weight  equivalents. Keep in mind these conversions from MM measurements to carat  weight equivalents are only approximations and should be used only as a guide.

• They both offer colorless D-E-F moissanite stones as well as lower color  equivalent options, such as G-H-I near colorless. Most clients prefer the colorless range making them the more popular choice.

• Both come with a lifetime warranty card.

• In terms of pricing, they are around the same amount.

How they Differ:

• Charles and Colvard are offered in a variety of standard sizes and cannot be  custom cut. Their stones are very consistent in length to width ratios across all shapes and sizes.  Here is a helpful video comparing Charles & Colvard to Harro and Diamonds

• Harro  moissanites exhibit slightly less fire than Charles and Colvard. Keep in mind people love Charles and Colvard because of how much fire and sparkle they show. Well-cut diamonds give off fire (spectral colors) but not quite as much as Charles and Colvard. This is why some of our clients prefer Harro for a more “diamond-like” appearance. Watch this video of Harro moissanites across a variety of shapes

• Harro gems take longer to produce because they are custom cut in many cases.  For this reason, the lead time on a custom ring design with Harro center-stone will be longer than that of a Charles & Colvard.

• Antique round and cushion cuts, also known as Old European and Old Mine cuts,  are an option from Harro, both of which are not available with Charles & Colvard.