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Gift Ideas

Some great gift ideas for any special occasion from holidays and anniversaries and birthdays.

The holiday season, anniversaries, push presents, and birthdays are prime times for thinking about gifts for that special someone. Jewelry always will always be a popular present idea because it lasts a lifetime and can be passed down from one generation to the next. Set in precious metal and adorned with diamonds and precious or semi-precious gemstones, there are many options to choose from so always take into account her personal style when deciding on the right piece. Here are some different jewelry categories to keep in mind when the time is right:

Stacking Rings: Stacking rings and wedding bands make a great gift idea because it will start a collection of jewels that are special to each momentous occasion. These are usually some sort of pave style band set with either diamonds or color gemstones, and would sit flush with each other. If your significant other already has a wedding band, think of maybe adding on a second band to match for your first child and keep adding to it for the next special occasions. You can match the same style and metal color to their existing band or choose something in a different metal color to add more flash to the look. If you think they might appreciate something more eclectic, choose a band that looks totally different from their existing ring. Some ideas, that can be custom made in any metal color, might be a thin pave band, a bezel set band, or an alternating diamond and sapphire band. Here are a few options of stacking bands: Thin pave rose gold eternity band stacking ring Bezel set eternity band in white gold for a more vintage look Alternating sapphire and diamond shared prong eternity band

Cluster Pendant: We carry these cluster pendants in a variety of sizes and can custom create them as well for any size or quality round cut diamonds.  A cluster refers to a grouping of smaller diamonds, or gemstones, set closely together to give the illusion of one larger stone; this is a very cost-effective approach and a great way to achieve an impressive look without breaking the bank on one larger single diamond.   Matching earrings can be custom ordered as well.  Aside from the pendant itself, the chain can also include diamond as well, usually set in bezels.

Diamond Halo Pendants: Pendants make another nice gift idea. We carry halo style pendants in a variety of styles with a multitude of diamond and even the recently popular moissanite center stones. These halo styles are the same as our engagement rings and feature a delicate perimeter of pave diamonds surrounding the center-stone. For a traditional look, opt for a single halo. Pear shape diamond in rose gold halo pendant necklac

Cluster Earrings: If your special someone adores a specific diamond shape, earrings in that design will complement their current (or future) Lauren B engagement ring very nicely. Our cluster earrings can be on the ear or hanging, and come in the most popular shapes like oval, pear, cushion and round.

Stud Earrings: These earrings are usually the safest bet when it comes to surprising someone with a gift; they are classic, elegant and ideal for everyday wear. We have diamond sizes and qualities to suit any budget and you can select the perfect carat weight, quality, and custom setting of your choice to suit your taste and needs. Diamond stud earrings usually come mounted in traditional four prong settings, or in three-prong “martini” styles which give the stone more lift off the ear while reducing the amount of metal around it.

Halo Stud Earrings: When it comes to custom engagement rings we are known for our halo designs and the same goes for our halo earring creations. This design can also be custom created for an existing pair of round diamonds you own to give them new life. Round diamonds can be crafted with round halos for a classic look or with a special seamless cushion shape halo for a fresh design.

Tennis Bracelet or Necklace: Another nod to timeless jewelry, these styles feature diamonds set in a straight line with each individual stone held in by prongs. For both we offer various sizes of diamonds used as well as all metal colors. For necklaces in particular, you can also go for a tapered look where the diamonds get larger as you approach the center-piece.

Fun and Whimsical: Moving away from the classic jewelry styles above, you can also go for something that features a more unique design. These high fashion pieces come in an endless array of styles, sizes, and type of stone; diamonds or gemstones.