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Halo Styles

Adding a halo to your center-stone increases the apparent size and adds more sparkle when crafted seamlessly.

cushion cut haloHalo engagement rings have been around for many years and have recently seen a noticeable resurgence in popularity. The halo itself refers to the row of smaller individually set pave diamonds that form a perimeter around the larger center stone. The halo can serve to enhance the apparent size of the center diamond by creating one seamless sparkling look when crafted properly. In general, there should be minimal airspace, if any, between the center stone and the halo to achieve this. The halo lends itself to different variations in both size and style of the diamonds that form it. All our custom halo style engagement rings are handcrafted right here in New York City and made to fit the exact dimensions of your center diamond. Below are some more popular halo styles from Lauren B.

Classic Halo:

This type of halo is the simplest and refined of the ones we offer. It refers to a single row of micropave diamonds that follow the exact shape of the center-stone it surrounds. In addition, it would be attached to the band by four stems for a floating look.

Double Edge Halo:

Taking it a step further, this halo style features an additional row of pave diamonds along the edge of the top facing part of the halo. While not visible from a birds-eye view, a small tilt of the ring will reveal this beautiful detail. For someone who wants to minimize the appearance of metal on a ring, this a great option that also adds sparkle.  For double edge halo designs visit here

Double Halo:

This refers to two rows of diamonds set around the center-stone.  In most cases, these diamonds are set in a tiered formation where the row closest to the main stone is set slightly higher than the row on the outer edge.  By doing so you create a clear distinction between each one and allow each row to sparkle freely without looking like one cluttered disc of diamonds. While results may vary from place to place, at Lauren B our double halos add about 6mm of surface area to any center diamond and can make a diamond appear almost four times as large.

Hidden Halo:

This relatively newly released design from Lauren B, is the subtlest of halo designs. The pave diamonds from underneath only peak out from beneath with about half of the pave stone showing from the top. This is a great option for someone in between our classic halo style or something from our Signature Wrap collection.  See more of our Hidden Halo collection here

Cushion Halo for Any Shape Center:

Transforming the shape of your center-stone into something softer via a cushion halo design is something quite common, the most popular of which is a round center-stone in a cushion halo. Other popular ones include emerald cut and princess cuts set into rounded edge halo styles. This one really plays tricks on the eyes as the halo seamlessly blends in with the center-stone.

East-West Halo:

This type of halo is reserved for elongated center-stones set horizontally, as opposed to the more traditional vertical (up and down on the finger) pattern. We see this quite frequently with ovals and emeralds and is a great way to give your ring a unique touch.

Three-Stone Halo: This halo design features a perimeter of diamonds around all three stone in the engagement ring. A modern twist on a classic design, this requires a great amount of detail to ensure everything flows together properly.

Large Stone Halo:

While most prefer our delicate micropave halos, some may opt for a bolder appearance that features larger pave set stones throughout the halo. This will increase the top portion surface area of your ring by a substantial amount. Keep in mind this will not sacrifice seamless fit that you would get from our more delicate halo styles.

Floral Halo:

A halo where each round stone set into is clearly defined are hallmarks of this design. This can be achieved by either putting half bezels around each stone to accentuate their round shape, or by using larger prong set diamonds. The goal here is not to have all the halo stones look uniform throughout and to give it a more blooming appearance.

Octagon Halo:

Reserved for round center-stones only, this eight-sided halo gives the ring a vintage, yet edgy appearance. Again, our craftsmen ensure a smooth transition from center-stone to halo that will transform the appearance of your ring.