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What is Moissanite?

This diamond alternative is taking the engagement ring world by storm, brilliance and sparkle at a fraction of the cost.

What Makes Moissanites so Special?

1. It is not a diamond simulant or substitute; it is its own gem and occurs very rarely but naturally within the earth. However, true moissanites used today are lab created to mimic the look of a moissanite.

2. They have a white face up appearance. With the three different grades of moissanite gems you are sure to find a color that best suits you for a colorless to near colorless appearance that mimics a diamond.

3. They are very high up on Mohs scale for hardness. Moissanites have a score of 9.25 and are almost as hard as a diamond which comes in at 10. This makes them extremely durable and suitable for everyday wear. Conversely, other naturally occurring gems like emeralds and sapphires score much lower on the scale wear.

4. They are more brilliant and fiery than an actual diamond. If you take a look side by side, moissanite will emit more colorful flashes of light than an excellent cut diamond because it has a great dispersion.

The most important benefit of a moissanite is that it is extremely cost effective. For example, a nice quality 2 or 3 carat diamond can cost you tens of thousands. A moissanite 2-3 carat equivalent will be in the $1000-$2000 range depending on the quality of the stone. For those that don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on a ring, moissanite makes a great choice because you can set the stone in one our custom Lauren B settings which will really bring it to life. To learn all about moissanites watch this video tutorial here

Moissanite Quality

Forever Classic:

This would be considered the least expensive of all the moissanite options. The Forever Classic color is likened to a GIA certified K color which is at the top of the “faint” range, and below the “Near Colorless” range. The Forever classic moissanite gives off a very slight hint of color that can be noticeable to some people, so we recommend coming into the store or asking us to send you a video before committing to a Forever Classic. The most positive factor about Forever Classic is that they have a huge selection of stone shapes and sizes, more so than the other Moissanite classifications so if you are after something more particular, Forever Classic will be your best bet if it exists.

Forever Brilliant:

This is considered the middle option for Moissanite and one that we love to work with at Lauren B. The Forever Brilliant Moissanite is likened to a GIA certified H color. In terms of color, the Brilliant will not have a yellow undertone like the Classic. It is much whiter looking and, in our opinion, the most realistic looking of the Moissanite classifications. The Forever Brilliant has fewer size/shape options than the Classic, however stock for this kind of moissanite is steadier.

Forever One:

This is the highest classification of moissanite and the most expensive as well. Forever One moissanite is compared to a GIA certified Colorless diamond at D-E color and have a “super white” look to them. The Forever One moissanite is much rarer and they only produce a small amount at a time in limited millimeter sizes and shapes. Stock for these is limited because they are a newer addition to the C&C line. If you like diamonds that appear completely colorless this is going to be your best bet!

To learn about the differences between Charles & Colvard and Harro Gem moissanite click here

See below for loose moissanite shown on the hand to give you a better idea of the size

moissanite rounds on the handoval moissanites on the handcushion moiss on handradiant moissanites on handpear shape moissanites on handemerald moissanites on handsquare moissanites on hand