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Right Hand Bands

These larger stone wedding bands are suitable for the hand opposite of your engagement ring and will certainly make a splash on its own.

When we refer to large eternity bands, we generally mean that they are not pave set and would have a thickness above a certain millimeter measurement. As a point of reference, our most popular engagement rings styles have dainty bands (under 2mm in thickness) while our smallest diamond size U-shape band will start at around 3mm. They are usually prong set or in a ”u-shape setting”, both of which are ideal for securing larger diamonds in place. In this style you will also achieve a more pronounced look from each diamond. The only downside that comes with a large eternity band is that it can be hard to pair with an engagement ring; they are taller and will sometimes not sit flush with any ring.  Keep in mind many times clients will purchase these larger bands after they have already gotten their band for the wedding date. Some occasions of note for these types of bands would be an anniversary, birthday, and push present. For a full glimpse into the world of right-hand bands check out this informative video from our YouTube education series: 

Why Consider a Larger Band: Wearing an engagement ring with one large center-stone and a delicate band may not be practical, or secure, for your everyday lifestyle. If you are someone who actively works with your hands or puts gloves on all the time, then a larger eternity band is an amazing choice. Instead of worrying about one stone sitting high up off your finger you would have an equal number of smaller stones set securely in a single band, laying close to the finger.  A large diamond eternity band makes an amazing travel ring as the the distribution of carat weight goes across the wedding band, instead of being concentrated on on larger center-stone of your engagement ring, makes it less conspicuous.

Basket and U-Shape Style Bands:

These larger style rings make a gorgeous statement because each stone is held in by prongs with either a basket support underneath, or in a “U-shaped” open profile. The basket style lifts the stones off the band giving it a very bold and beautiful look where each diamond outline is defined. For the “u-shape” style you can see the diamonds from every angle as opposed to the previous one where they were embedded into the metal. Because these are stand out rings, you would not want it to compete for attention with your engagement ring. Do keep in mind that because these bands are larger, they do sit off the finger and will rub against the side of your engagement ring which can cause damage and wear over time.

Fancy Shape Diamond Rings:

They come in most any shape with the most popular being cushion cut, radiant, emerald and asscher cut.  Matching fancy shapes stones in terms of dimensions and quality is very difficult which equates to their higher price tag. As with round stones, they can be set into basket prong or u-shape designs.

Five and Seven Stone Rings:

These larger diamond halfway wedding bands make for great "other hand" rings and will usually feature an alignment of larger diamonds set in a single row across the top portion of the ring.

  • • Classic Halfway Bands feature either five or seven round diamonds straight  across the top. These can be set in U-prong, basket, or pave settings. We find that rings with larger diamonds will contain five stones and those with smaller stones will have seven stones. As a rule of thumb, they will start at diamond sizes of .10 carat for each individual diamond.
  • • Color Stones: If you love color then this can easily be incorporated into a five or seven stone wedding band as well. Sapphires, the leader in color stone popularity, are not easy stones to match- they have to be identical in color, tone, and saturation.
  • • Fancy Shapes: If the round shape is too classic for you, try a five or seven stone band with fancy shape diamonds. Because creating an eternity band layout of 15 or more matching fancy cut stones can be quite difficult and expensive, a five or seven stone ring will give you the same impressive look from the top at a fraction of the cost.

Larger Pave Bands:

Pave wedding bands are not reserved for delicate designs only. Many of the wedding bands we have in our New York showroom feature larger diamonds that are embedded into the metal. While some of these will still pair beautifully with an engagement ring because of their low-profile nature, some may opt to wear it on the other hand as to not compete with the look.