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Engagement Ring Style Guide



Browse Lauren B’s collection of engagement rings all available for custom order with any size, shape, type or quality center-stone of your liking

Hover over any of the diamond setting techniques mentioned here to learn more about them:

    • PAVE & MICRO-PAVE: Is a setting style that refers to diamonds set closely together, held in by tiny beads or prongs. This is a low profile technique that lays close to the hand and minimizes the appearance of any metal. “Micropave” shanks measure around 1.70-1.80 mm thick; these diamonds are set under a microscope so hence the term “micro”.
    • MULTI-ROW PAVE: This is the same setting technique as pave, but instead of a single line set, it may have double,triple or even six rows of micro pave diamonds on a band. A three- row micro pave band, which is the most common, measures starting at 2.30 mm wideand can go as thick as 5.00 mm.
    • SHARED PRONG BASKET: Prongs along with a metal bar hold the diamond into place and while there is more metal on the profile, it does allow for thinner prongs on top and a more structured appearance. Generally, we use the basket design for a larger diamond eternity band, but can also be made for smaller diamonds sizes, such as 2.50 mm wide.
    • U-SHAPE: This type of prong setting is noted for the entire profile of the diamond being visible. This style of wedding band would pair best with a classic design, such as a solitaire, but we can also create more delicate versions for added versatility. Note the prongs holding each stone must be made larger since that is the only metal holding the stones in place
    • BEZEL: This type of setting encases the diamond with a thin rim of metal. Primarily known for its clean appearance and sturdiness, this setting style usually incorporates milgrain etching as well to give it a vintage feel. Our round bezel bands start at 1.75 mm wide and goes up to 3.50 mm+.
    • BRIGHT-CUT: Bright-cut is actually a type of pave setting whereby the diamonds are set with tiny walls surrounded the metal to give the surface a highly reflective, sparkling appearance.
    • CHANNEL: A channel setting refers to a type of stone setting where the stones are fitted into channel walls and held into place on each side by a continuous strip of metal. This is a classic look that does add more metal and bulk to the look of the band.


Non-Halo Delicate Pave Band Engagement Rings

Here are some of our popular non-halo engagement rings featuring 1.7mm micropave bands/shanks, across various center-stone shapes. Generally, for non-halo engagement rings, we recommend wedding bands between 1.70-2.30 mm to keep a balanced look. The model number (XX-123) corresponds to the engagement ring style and the MM measurement refers to the wedding band thickness

  • RS-122 with 1.7 mm band

  • RS-220 with 1.7 mm band

  • RS-63 with 1.7 mm band

  • RS-233 with 1.7 mm band

  • RS-187 with 2.00 mm band

  • RS-275 with 2.00 mm band

  • RS-63 with 2.00 mm band

  • RS-233 with 2.00 mm band

  • RS-198 with 2.60 mm band

  • RS-275 with 2.60 mm band

  • RS-63 with 2.60 mm band

  • RS-197 with 2.60 mm band

  • VNR-13877 with U shape 3.7 mm band

  • RS-197 with shared prong 2.9 mm band

  • 2.6 mm pave band with bezel band

  • RS-178 with 3.6 mm infinity band

  • RS-158 with 2.9 mm U shape

  • 1.9 mm Micro pave setting with 3.6 mm pave band

  • RS-61 with 4.35 mm pave band

  • RS-122 with 3.9 mm pave band

  • Cushion RS-318 with 3.15 mm infinity bezel

  • Emerald RS-122 with a 3.10 mm east west band

  • MQ RS-122 with a 2.95 mm alternating shpaes bezel band

  • RS-235 with 3.5 mm round- emeralds bezels

  • Marquise pave with a bezel and pave band

  • RS-197 design with a plain and pave band

  • Pear pave with a plain and bezel band

  • Cushion cut pave with 2 pave bands

  • Pear shape pave with a pave and bezel band

  • Radiant cut pave with a plain and pave band

  • Round cut pave with a pave and bezel band

Classic Halo Delicate Pave Band Engagement Rings

These are engagement rings with pave diamonds surrounding the center-stone (referred to as a halo) and shanks that measure 1.7mm wide. The MM measurements shown below corresponds to the width of the diamond wedding band shown in each photo.

  • Round halo & 1.70 mm band

  • Emerald halo & 1.70 mm band

  • Cushion halo & 1.70 mm band

  • Oval halo & 1.70 mm band

  • Round halo & 2.10 mm band

  • Pear halo & 2.10 mm band

  • Radiant halo & 2.10 mm band

  • Cushion halo & 2.10 mm band

  • Round halo & 2.60 mm band

  • Cushion halo & 2.60 mm band

  • Oval halo & 2.60 mm band

  • Pear halo & 2.60 mm band

  • Classic halo with MQ-RD bezel band

  • Halo with 2.5 basket prong

  • Classic halo with 3.2 mm Infinity bezel

  • RS-31 with U shape 3 mm

  • RS-61 with 2.1 mm channel set

  • RS-61 with 3.5 mm pave band

  • Classic halo with 3.9 mm pave band

  • Classic halo with 4.45 mm band

  • Halo (1.9 mm band) with 3.6 mm pave band

  • RS-61 with a 4.35 mm pave band

  • Classic halo with a 3.15 mm infinity bezel band

  • Double edge halo with a 3.10 mm east west band

  • RS-61 with 3.5 mm round- emeralds bezels

  • RS-288 with a 2.95 mm alternating shpaes bezel band

  • Asscher halo with a pave and bezel band

  • Round cut halo with a plain and bezel band

  • Pear shape halo with 2 pave bands

  • Oval cut halo with a plain and pave band

Wider Band Engagement Rings

These engagement rings have a bolder look and feature pave shanks ranging in width from 2.2mm to 2.55mm. Most clients would look to pair this with a matching, or thicker, wedding band in a variety of setting styles. Below are some examples; the first millimeter measurement relates to the engagement ring shank, with the second measurement referencing the wedding band width.

  • SOR-14173 (2.20 mm)
    &2.20 mm Pave band

  • SOR-16643 (2.50 mm)
    & 3.50 mm pave band

  • SOR-16215 (2.25 mm)
    & 2.7 mm U shape band

  • SOR-16225 Cathedral (2.55 mm)
    & 2.50 mm bezel band

  • SOR-16215 (2.25 mm)
    & 2.70 mm rose bezel band

  • SOR-16225 Cathedral (2.55 mm)
    & 3.50 mm pave band

  • SOR-14178 (2.20 mm)
    & 2.80 mm yellow U shape band

  • SOR-16643 (2.50 mm)
    & 2.80 mm Rose U shape band

Colored Metal Engagement Rings

Rose gold is a more subdued metal color that blends in well, with most people's skin tone. Yellow gold, because of its bright sunshine color, will stand out on most people's skin tone. The beauty about either of these metal colors, is that they can also pair beautifully with a contrasting white gold or platinum wedding band. The MM measurements below reference the width of the wedding band shown in each photo.

Rose Gold:

  • RS-169 with 1.70 mm

  • SOR-16265 with 1.70 mm

  • SOR-14181 with 1.70 mm

  • RS-277 with 1.70mm

  • RS-214 with 2.1 mm pave

  • RS-228 with 2.7 mm U-shape

  • RS-108 with 1.8 mm bezel

  • RS-214 with 2.50 mm bezel

  • Classic halo with pear stacks

  • RS-235 with Oval stacks

  • RS-220 with heart shape stacks

  • Hidden halo with heart shape stack

  • Classic oval halo with 3.5 mm band

  • RS-232 with 2 mm channel set

  • RS-232 with 2 mm rose plain band

  • VNR-14648 with 3.5 mm band

  • Oval pave with a plain and pave band

  • Radiant cut solitaire with a plain and pave band

  • Emerald cut solitaire with a bezel and a pave band

  • Cushion cut solitaire with a plain and bezel band

  • Round cut solitaire with a pave and bezel band

Yellow gold:

  • Classic halo with 1.80 mm pave

  • Classic halo with 2.10 mm pave

  • RS-217 with 2.70 U shape

  • SOR-15740 with 2.50 mm bezel

  • RS-198 with emerald stacks

  • RS-271 with emerald stacks

  • Classic halo with Oval stacks

  • Classic halo with Pear stacks

  • RS-198 with 2 mm plain band

  • RS-198 with 2.2 mm channel set

  • SOR-16621 with 2.9 mm U shape

  • SOR-18344 with 2.9 mm U shape

  • cushion Solitaire with 2.1 mm MQ band

  • Emerald solitaire with 2.10 bezel band

  • Oval solitaire with 1.9 mm twisted band

  • Six prongs solitaire with 2 mm bezek band

Multi-Row Band Engagement Rings

These designs have three rows of pave diamonds going down the shank, with the most distinguishing factor between each engagement ring being a rounded/domed appearance verse a more squared off look. The first model number and MM measurement refer to the engagement ring shown, while the second MM measurement relates to the wedding band itself.

  • SOR-16262 rounded (2.50 mm)
    & 2.60 mm micro pave band

  • RS-126 squared(2.50 mm)
    & 3.50 mm pave band

  • SOR-15625 rounded (2.45 mm)
    & 2.50 mm bezel band

  • VNR-11631 (2.50 mm)
    & 2.70 mm U shape band

  • RS-126 squared (2.50 mm)
    & 2.60 mm micro pave band

  • SOR-15625 rounded (2.45mm)
    & 3.50 mm pave band

  • VNR-10452 (2.45 mm)
    & 2.50 mm bezel band

  • VNR-13621 squared (2.60 mm)
    & 2.70 mm U shape band

  • SOR-16262 2.5 mm band with 3.25 mm asscher band

  • SOR-17094 2.4 mm band with 2.9 mm princess cut band

  • VNR-11631 2.5 mm band with 3.15 Asscher cut band

  • VNR-13621 2.5 mm band with 4 mm emerald

  • 2.6 mm 3 row micro pave halo with 4.15 mm pave band

Three-Stone Engagement Rings

The most classic of engagement ring styles was once difficult to pair with a wedding band. We have changed that at Lauren B, as many of our handmade three-stone ring designs allow the option of a perfectly flush fit band to go with it. Below, the first MM measurements is the thickness of the engagement ring shank, and second measurement is for the wedding band itself.

  • SOR-16175 (1.85 mm)
    & 1.75 mm micro pave band

  • SOR-16641 (2.30 mm)
    & 3.50 mm Pave band

  • SOR-15539 (2.00 mm)
    & 2.70 mm U shape

  • SOR-15539 (2.00)
    & 2.50 mm bezel band


These elegant engagement ring styles feature plain bands with no diamond accents on them. Solitaire rings offer great versatility and pair beautifully with a wide range of wedding band styles.

  • SOR-14950 with 2 mm plain band

  • SOR-14950 with 3.7 mm bezel band

  • SOR-16403 with 2.7 mm bezel band

  • SOR-17585 with 3.1 mm black diam bezel band

  • SOR-17956 1.7 mm band with 2.15 mm bezel band

  • 2 mm solitaire with 4.15 mm pave band

  • 2.2 mm solitaire with 4.45 mm pave band

  • 2.7 mm braided band with 2.96 mm channel milgrain band

  • cushion solitaire on a 2 mm band with 2.1 mm migrain pave band

  • oval cathedral solitaire with 2.1 mm plain channel band

  • Six prongs solitaire with 3.85 mm channel set emeralds

  • LSR-23636 - SOR-25213 - 4.3mm wide

  • Round Solitaire with 2 1.8 mm pave bands

  • Oval Solitaire with a plain and bezel bands

Split Band Rings

These engagement ring designs feature a band that splits into two as it reaches the center-stone. While it may seem difficult to pair with a wedding band, there are many options that look great with it.

  • LSR-20851 - SOR-19081 - 2.3mm wide

  • LSR-20851 - Thin Pave

  • SOR-16293 - SOR-20827 - 2.1mm wide

  • SOR-16610 - SOR-19081 - 2.3mm wide

  • SOR-16610 - SOR-19197 - 3.6mm at widest point

  • SOR-19245 - SOR-24840 - 3.1mm wide


  • 2.6 mm twisted band with a 1.95 mm pave band

  • 3 stone design (1.85 mm band) with 2 mm plain band

  • 3 stone ring (1.8 mm pave band) with 2.55 mm pave band

  • classic cathedral halo 1.7 mm with 2.3 mm alternating shapes

  • Halo Cathedral band (1.9 mm) with 3.55 mm pave band

  • Halo on 1.8 mm band with 3.3 mm alternating bezels

  • RS-61 on 1.8 mm with a 1.95 mm pave band

  • RS-63 setting with a 2 mm bezel band

  • Blue Sapphire and diamonds

  • Champagne diamonds, pink sapphire

  • Champagne, diamonds, yellow sapphire

  • Pink sapphire, chapagne diamonds, white diamonds, blue sapphire, yellow sapphires