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Center Diamond Selection Process

Curated Diamond Selection

Selection: Our diamonds are curated based on their exceptional beauty and light performance. Using our vast experience and insider knowledge, we carefully sort through hundreds of loose diamonds before selecting ones for our exclusive inventory.  At Lauren B we have something for everyone and offer both natural and lab-grown diamonds as center stone options for our clients. By visually comparing several options side by side, either in person or via e-mailed videos, our clients can make a confident purchase because they are able to see the nuances and details in a diamond.

A Personal Touch: Unlike other websites which simply list a database of diamonds they have never seen or inspected before, we ensure that each diamond meets a certain standard before offering it as an option to our client. Pricing is available for all loose stones in our virtual diamond inventory. Once you have found a stone you are interested in, you can purchase it or place it on a temporary hold  and a design consultant will reach out with next steps.

Diamond Grading: All of our diamonds are accompanied by a GIA grading report which is the most reputable third party laboratory in the world. We urge our clients to use these lab reports as a guide and advise against basing the purchase solely based on the stated grades. The strategy commonly used by large scale diamond vendor websites is to compete on price and sell in volume, with complete disregard for how the precious stone actually looks and performs in real life. In sharp contrast, our team at Lauren B thoroughly previews and examines each option beforehand and will provide you with a detailed description of each diamond along with any necessary videos or photos.

Learn More about the 4 C's of Diamonds

carat  is a measure of a diamond’s weight but does not determine exactly how large it will look face up in appearance.

Tip Diamonds of the same carat weight and shape can have different dimensions due to their cut. We avoid options that are too deep and appear smaller than their carat weight indicates


color  is graded on a scale starting with “D” as the most colorless, and ending with “Z”. There is a range of color within each grade; for instance a diamond graded as “H”can appear closer to a “G” or to an “I”.

Tip Every diamond is unique and certain shapes and cutting styles can mask the appearance of color better than others. We can recommend specific diamonds to help you maximize valu


CUT  is reflective of the arrangement and angles of a diamond’s facets, affecting both its sparkle and measurements. GIA only provides an official cut grade on round brilliant cuts; all other shapes must be examined for various factors including real-life appearance.

Tip We aim to select diamonds that are cut to show increased surface area while maintaining brilliance, fire and scintillation. The beauty of a diamond’s cut and how well it reflects light cannot be determined by viewing a grading report alone.


CLARITY  refers to the presence of natural inclusions or surface blemishes on a diamond and is graded based on their size, location, and number.

Tip We recommend the “VVS” to “SI” range for brilliant cuts, and VS or higher for step cut diamonds. A grading report will not indicate if a diamond is not “eye-clean” or hazy in appearance; both are clarity related and should be avoided.